Andreas Hanni, vegan ice hockey player

Vegan hockey player Andreas Hanni in Swiss National League during a game

Andreas started playing in the Swiss National League aged 17, and soon the 189cm (6'2") Defenceman became established player, moving clubs in 2002 then joining SC Bern, with whom the national title was won.

At the start of this career came the start of Andreas' veganism. "I became a vegan when I was 18, five years after becoming a vegetarian; both for the same reasons, for the respect I have for animals, leading me to the obvious conclusion not harm them." Clearly his decision has been a successful one as his career has blossomed. Yet Andreas is aware that misinformation persists in discouraging veganism.

During the 2013-4 season Andreas transferred to Biel, also in the Swiss A-league, where he was the oldest player.  He retired at the end of the season having played 15 games for each club in his last season.

"I couldn't say that I've influenced teammates so much. First, I'm not a vegan for health, but for ethical reasons. I talk to them about it when they ask me, that's it. But I can't get over how many people say that you can be vegetarian but not vegan, that's absurd! Many talk about possible insufficiencies, but I don't have any. I think it's the most natural and healthy way to eat."


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